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Stainless steel manual roller ice ice cold low temperature massage ball fitness muscle strain recovery massage ball

black base

This massage ball is filled with special liquid and passed through a special sealing process. The massage ball can massage the shoulders, back, waist, legs, arms, etc. to relax the muscles and promote blood circulation, and relax the muscles.

Material: pc/304 stainless steel

Net weight of massage ball: 129g

Product Size:

Base diameter 6.5cm

Height 5.5cm

Ball diameter 5cm

Packing size: 7*7*6.5cm

Color: black base, white base

How to use: The sphere can be used for more than 6 hours after being iced for 2 hours. The sphere of the product is always very low temperature, cold and iced. It has a good physiotherapy effect for athletes or fitness enthusiasts. It can also be used for hot compress massage. It can be used after soaking in hot water for 15-20 minutes. It is currently used in basketball NBA and European football clubs. It is deeply loved by athletes and physical therapists. It has a good recovery and health care effect on muscle strains, hamstrings, and poor blood vessels.