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Neck massager, portable dual-pulse hanging neck and neck protector, hot compress massage and pendant massager


Product name: Neck pendant massager

Model: Z-10

Power: 5w

Net/Gross weight: 55g/140g

Charging current: 5v

Battery capacity: 600MA

Quiescent current: 1uA or less

Load: 500ma heating film

Input voltage/current: 5V/1A

Discharge cut-off voltage: 3.2V

Lithium battery overcharge protection: 4.2V

4 modes: kneading, beating, pressing, synthesis

Massage intensity: 9 levels of intensity Hot compress mode: three levels of hot compress

Lowest power consumption duration (single-press mode, first gear) 50 hours

Maximum power consumption duration (combined 9 gears + hot compress 43 degrees) 90 minute

Packing size: 195X150X30MM