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We’ve been in the chiropractic industry for many years and our physical business took a hit during the pandemic. We could no longer provide the care and relief to our regulars who desperately needed a solution to their neck, shoulder and back aches. That was when we decided to create a product that targets the body’s trigger points and could be self-administered, to be used from home. That was the start of BCKRLX™.

Using our knowledge as chiropractors, we went back to basics and focused on providing pain relief through massaging of the body’s main trigger points. In the digital age that we live in, most people spend long hours sitting/staying in the same position, hence causing the stiffening of the shoulder region muscles. We decided to focus on those trigger points and began designing our prototype.

We had our prototype made and shared them with our regulars to help them with their aches and also gain some insights on the product. Some notable points were to create a more universal size so that everyone could reap the full benefits.

Taking into account all the insights we have gotten from our beta testers, we finalized on the design and worked with an established manufacturer in the industry. We worked closely with our manufacturers to ensure high product quality while keeping product affordable for the masses.

We launched our product online and have helped countless happy back since.